Debt Relief and Credit Counseling

What debt relief options are available?

Outlines the options open to consumers facing serious credit card or bank debt. Self help tips, bankruptcy information, mortgage debt and other tips.

Filing for Bankruptcy

Some companies offering debt relief are really offering bankruptcy. However, all debtors filing for personal bankruptcy must consult with a credit counselor. Learn the details here.

Credit Repair Scams to Avoid

Certain credit repair schemes are actually scams. Learn to choose the right credit products and avoid fraud.

Chossing a Debt Counselor

Tips for choosing the right credit counselor or debt management plan to help you pay down your debt.

Debt Negotiation Schemes

Some companies may help negotiate lower debt payments- but these may indicate a scam or negatively affect your credit.

Debt Management Plans

Important things to do when you are on a debt management plan.

Credit Self-Help

There are steps you can take on your own to pay down debt, resolve credit problems and rehabilitate your credit.